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Workers' Compensation LLC

Workers’ Compensation, LLC is a statewide law firm that specializes in the representation of individuals who have been injured on the job or are seeking Social Security Disability benefits. Our firm handles Louisiana State Workers’ Compensation claims and Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation claims.

Our History

Since 1993, the attorneys of Workers’ Compensation, LLC, have proudly represented thousands of injured workers in Louisiana. If you have been injured at work or are disabled from work and in need of disability benefits, we look forward to representing you. We will take whatever action is necessary to make sure that you receive every benefit you are entitled to under the law.

Workers' Compensation

As a member of the working force, you possess specific statutory rights specifically designed to protect injured employees in the event that you are injured while performing in the course and scope of your employment.


Social Security Disability

No one expects that they will become disabled.  But if it happens to you, it is often a confusing and scary process.  We are here to help you through this process.


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