Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Tim Benedetto and Kelly Engel Awarded Exemplary Leadership Award

Workers’ Compensation, LLC attorneys Tim Benedetto and Kelly Engel were recently awarded the Exemplary Leadership Award by the Louisiana Workers’ Advocates, a group of workers’ compensation plaintiff attorneys who represent injured workers throughout the state. This award is a recognition of their outstanding leadership and dedication to the welfare of workers.

Benedetto and Engel have built a reputation for themselves as tireless advocates for workers’ rights and have obtained numerous judgments and settlements favorable to their clients. Benedetto and Engel have been actively involved in the Louisiana Workers’ Advocates for many years, working tirelessly to promote the interests of workers and to hold employers accountable for their actions.

The Louisiana Workers’ Advocates is an extension of the Workers’ and Injury Law Advocate Group (WILG) , a national organization of lawyers who specialize in representing injured workers. WILG provides a forum for lawyers to share ideas, strategies, and best practices, and to collaborate on issues of national importance.

Benedetto and Engel’s commitment to the Louisiana Workers’ Advocates has been instrumental in advancing the cause of workers’ rights in Louisiana. Their leadership and dedication have helped to make Louisiana a better place for workers and their families. The Exemplary Leadership Award is a fitting recognition of Benedetto and Engel’s many achievements, both as attorneys and as advocates for workers’ rights. It is a reminder of the important role that lawyers can play in promoting social justice and the rule of law.

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