Getting hurt at work makes your life hard enough. Add on top of that a workers’ compensation claims process that’s confusing from start to finish.

Workers’ comp benefits can provide the financial relief and stability you need, more than anything, after a disruption in your job.

But as an injured worker, you’re at a disadvantage. You probably don’t know a lot about the workers’ compensation system, but the insurance company knows it inside out—and every trick to avoid giving you all that you’re entitled to receive.

What can an injured worker do to make sure his or her rights are protected?

Work with a workers’ comp attorney. At Workers’ Compensation, LLC, we’ve been through this process thousands of times alongside workers across Louisiana. We know the insurance companies’ tricks, too.

We’ve gathered five top ways that a lawyer can make a difference for you…

No. 1: Your Workers’ Comp Lawyer Makes Sure You See the Right Doctor

The unfortunate fact is that doctors who work for the workers’ compensation insurance company don’t give you the proper medical attention you deserve.

Your employer will send you to doctors who downplay your injuries and rush you back to work before you’re ready—because they’re trying to save money.

A workers’ compensation attorney, however, can step in and direct you to doctors who will look out for your best interests, instead of the interests of the insurance company and your employer.

No. 2: A Work Injury Lawyer Gets Your Medical Treatment Authorized

Once you get in with the right doctor, your lawyer will also help make sure your medical treatment is authorized.

Just because your doctor thinks you need a specific treatment doesn’t mean the insurance company will give your doctor permission to do it. Getting authorization for medical treatment is a longer and more arduous process than it should be.

By having a lawyer for workers’ compensation—someone who knows this process—you can rest assured that your treatment is moving forward as quickly and properly as possible.

No. 3: Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Can Secure the Correct Pay for Lost Wages

With a lawyer, you will also know you are getting paid the correct amount in lost wages benefits.

The amount of compensation you’re entitled to depends on many factors. But many times, the insurance company will pay you less than you are owed.

Your workers’ comp lawyer will make sure your benefits are correctly calculated. Your attorney will also make sure your lost wages are paid on time.

If for any reason your workers’ comp underpays your benefits, or pays your benefits late, your attorney can take them to court.

No. 4: A Workers’ Comp Attorney Can Prevent You from Getting Sent Back to Work Too Soon

Your attorney can make sure you’re not rushed back to work before you’re ready.

Sometimes workers’ comp vocational counselors who work with you on a plan to reenter the workforce will try to say you can go back when you shouldn’t, or really can’t. Again, they do this because it saves money for the insurance company.

Having a workers’ comp lawyer means you’ve got someone who can push back when the system pushes you.

No. 5: With a Workers’ Comp Lawyer, You’ve Got Support for Negotiating a Settlement

When the time is right, your attorney will also be there to negotiate a settlement on your behalf that closes out your workers’ compensation claim.

An insurance company knows what your claim is worth, but will often offer you less.

You have to be careful, because this decision is final. You want to make sure you’re getting all you’ll ever need from your workers’ comp claim, and you’re ready to move beyond receiving ongoing benefits.

With a workers’ comp attorney at your side, you can rest easy knowing you’re receiving the maximum compensation and best arrangements possible.

How to Choose the Right Lawyer for Workers’ Comp

Louisiana’s workers’ compensation laws are complicated.

You need to know that not every lawyer is familiar with these laws.

Just as you would not go to a heart doctor for a broken ankle, you should not go to a car accident attorney for a workers’ compensation claim.

The attorneys at Workers’ Compensation, LLC, focus intensely on the area of workers’ compensation. Our lawyers have over 130 combined years of legal experience.

That’s why we say, “Workers’ Comp Is What We Do.”

If you’re uneasy about navigating the workers’ compensation process, whether at the beginning, middle or end of your claim, get in touch with us.

Don’t take chances; make sure you receive the maximum amount of compensation possible—and the best financial footing to move forward with your life.

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