Workers comp settlement forms.

Should I Settle My Workers’ Compensation Claim in Louisiana?

Taking a big, lump-sum settlement for your workers’ compensation claim can sound appealing. You get a nice financial boost, and you get to close the door on a workers’ comp claim that’s a hassle to…

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A doctor caring for a patient.

What Workers’ Rights Do I Have Under Workers’ Comp in Louisiana?

Most jobs in Louisiana are covered by workers’ compensation in the event that you are hurt at work. Employers are required by Louisiana law to carry workers’ comp insurance. Some jobs are not included, such…

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Workers' Compensation LLC Attorneys

Can Workers’ Comp Force You to See Their Doctor in Louisiana?

So you got hurt at work and you need medical attention. In Louisiana, workers’ compensation benefits pay for that care in most cases where an employee gets injured on the job. There’s a good chance…

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Workers' Compensation LLC Attorneys Team

Real Case: Be Careful with Workers’ Comp Independent Medical Exams

Most Louisiana workers have no idea how multiple details in the law controlling workers’ compensation could make or break your effort to get vital financial assistance if you’re hurt on the job. One part of…

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