Magazine Names Our Attorneys among the Top in Workers’ Comp and Social Security Disability in New Orleans

New Orleans Magazine named two attorneys at Workers’ Compensation, LLC, among the top in city: Corey Fitzpatrick for workers’ compensation lawyers and Suzette Murphy for Social Security Disability lawyers.

The magazine said Corey and Suzette are the “faces” of these areas of law in New Orleans, listing them among the “top movers and shakers . . . the voices, the flavor,” of the city.

At our law firm, we couldn’t be prouder—and we couldn’t agree more.

Keep reading for more about Corey and Suzette and what the magazine had to say about them.

Corey Fitzpatrick is the “Face of Workers’ Compensation” in New Orleans

A Workers' Comp LLC attorney, Corey Fitzpatrick, posing in front of the company logo.
The article described how Corey Fitzpatrick began his legal career by representing employers in workers’ comp claims. But soon he decided instead to fight for individual workers to help them get their benefits.

Helping everyday people gave him more satisfaction, in part because of his New Orleans upbringing in a hard-working, middle class family. His mission is helping other families like his in the New Orleans area.

Corey has now helped over 1,500 people who were injured on the job in Louisiana, according to New Orleans Magazine. He’s a partner at Workers’ Compensation, LLC, and the magazine credits him with helping make our firm one of the top workers’ comp law firms in the state.

“I attribute most of my success to my ability to connect and communicate with people from many different backgrounds,” Corey told the magazine.

Read the New Orleans Magazine article about Corey here.

Suzette Murphy is the “Face of Social Security Disability Law” in New Orleans

Attorney Suzette Murphy posing for the camera.
Suzette Murphy leads our firm’s Social Security Disability legal team. The magazine said she has helped over 1,000 people with their disability claims. She’s helped nearly that many with workers’ compensation, too.

She is inspired to do this work in part because she’s had close members of her own family face health problems and the need for economic and health care benefits.

Now other attorneys often turn to Suzette for guidance on matters involving disability benefits, said the magazine.

“It’s disheartening to think how difficult the Social Security Disability process is for those already at a disadvantage,” Suzette said in the article. “I take pride in having built a team that can deliver hope for clients by getting them the medical and financial resources they need.”

Read the New Orleans Magazine article about Suzette here.

What to Do if You’re Hurt at Work or Can’t Work Because of Bad Health

If you’ve been hurt at work, and it has disrupted your life, or you have long-term health problems that prevent you from making a living, workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability benefits can provide the financial relief and stability that you need.

Both systems are complicated. Getting an attorney can make it easier for you.

Now you know this: At Workers’ Compensation, LLC, we have lawyers that come highly recommended.

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