Louisiana workers’ comp rates dropped. How does it affect you?

When you’re hurt at work and it disrupts your life, an important piece of the answer to how you’ll recover is workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ comp takes care of your medical treatment for your workplace injury. It provides payment for wages you miss when you can’t work.

This is the way you’ll hold on to the life you’ve built, get past your injury on the job, and move forward with your life.

But employers and the workers’ compensation insurance companies they pay to provide the benefits can make it difficult for you to receive the full amount due to you.

They do that to save money. But guess what? They’re already saving money. The insurance premiums they pay have been going down for years.

You don’t have to stand for the Louisiana workers’ comp system shortchanging you.

The experienced workers’ comp lawyers at Workers’ Compensation, LLC, make it their mission to maximize benefits for hard-working Louisianans like you. We’ve helped 10,000 people secure millions of dollars.

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Workers’ Comp Is What We Do.

What’s Going On with Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rates?

In May 2021, the rates employers paid for workers’ compensation insurance coverage went down 4 percent.

Over a five-year period, workers’ compensation insurance rates dropped 25 percent, according the Louisiana Department of Insurance.

The reasons for the drops include more workers’ comp insurance companies offering policies in Louisiana and reduced numbers of injuries on the job, said Jim Donelon, Louisiana Insurance Commissioner, in a message from the Department.

“I’m happy to announce the continued reduction in rates for the workers’ compensation market in Louisiana,” he said.

“For years we’ve seen these rates come down due to competition in the market, improved workplace safety and better risk management practices. In a time where many small businesses are struggling, I’m glad that workers’ compensation insurance can be a line in their budgets that is decreasing.”

But our Louisiana workers’ comp attorneys would also add: This means employers have no excuses for resisting your workers’ compensation claim.

The market is getting easier for them, not harder.

If you are running into problems with your claim—or if you just want to make the process easier for you—talk to us for a free initial consultation.

How Do They Make It Hard to Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

We see many tactics from employers and insurance companies who don’t want to grant you the workers’ compensation benefits you’re entitled to—even when their costs are down.

They might:

  • Say you’re an independent contractor, not an employee who’s covered under workers’ comp
  • Dispute that your injury happened at work or because of your job
  • Deny your claim outright
  • Delay your benefit checks
  • Fail to inform you of all the types of benefits available
  • Grant you a lower amount of benefits than you’re entitled to receive
  • Rush you back to work before you’re ready
  • Cut off your benefits early

But you have a great way to protect your workers’ comp rights in Louisiana: Work with an attorney from Workers’ Compensation, LLC.

Our workers’ comp lawyers have over 130 years of combined experience pushing back on insurance company tactics to win benefits for everyday people.

The numbers from the State of Louisiana prove it: Securing workers’ comp benefits should be getting easier, not harder.

After a trauma on the job, let’s get you the financial support you need to start the next chapter of your life.

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